Throughout their first couple of experience, Tanjiro and Muichiro stored a tense dating

Throughout their first couple of experience, Tanjiro and Muichiro stored a tense dating

Shortly after Tanjiro efficiently efficiency so you’re able to their human setting, she cries regarding pleasure and that is significantly relieved observe him safely straight back because a human, the 2 buying and selling tearful smiles as they lay around the out of each most other.

Tanjiro and you will Kanao would sooner ily, having one or two great-grandkids by names of Kanata Kamado and you will Sumihiko Kamado anywhere between them.

Genya Shinazugawa

When they first interacted, Tanjiro within the a warning motion gripped Genya’s sleeve to the stage where it could have busted because discipline getting around addressing Kanata Ubuyashiki immediately after the very last solutions. It reunited again throughout the butterfly residence immediately after Tanjiro had recovered his wounds while in the their fight with All the way down Rank 5 however, whenever Tanjiro tried to invited him, Genya coldly overlooked him.

It met once more regarding Swordsmith Village whenever Tanjiro saw Genya throughout the sexy springs, and you may interacted with your, the guy made an effort to get along with your, however, Genya try providing frustrated and creeped out by Tanjiro. They in the future formed a bond once they battled together with her. A couple days after, Genya came to heat up in order to Tanjiro as well as became intimate loved ones.

Kyojuro Rengoku

In the beginning, Kyojuro considerably disapproved off Tanjiro to possess traveling with Nezuko, a devil. [11] Although not, during their joint purpose in order to defeat Enmu, they formed a bond and you may became intimate despite only purchasing good few hours together with her. So it bond actually marketed Kyojuro to offer bringing Tanjiro while the a good Tsuguko. [12]

Kyojuro shared his finally moments that have Tanjiro and you will deeply driven your along with his words off reassurance, entrusting new child to pass through towards their final conditions so you’re able to his young brother and dad and saying their desired off Nezuko once the a real person in the Corps. [13] Following Flames Hashira’s passageway, Tanjiro continued to hold their strong esteem and you will adore to possess your, to get infuriated assuming anyone else do cam unwell on him. [14] Throughout their fight against Daki, Tanjiro remembers Kyojuro’s terms and conditions which motivate him during their competition. [15]

Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro reprimanded Tanjiro of the flicking a stone from the their direct after the second disrupted Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s speech, and you may Tanjiro is bewildered from the Muichiro’s rude medication on the Kotetsu within the latest Swordsmith Town. However, after reading Tanjiro’s advice about enabling others, Muichiro are swayed sufficient to transform his mindset, protecting Kotetsu and you will Kozo Kanamori throughout Gyokko’s assault with the community. Just after subsequently regaining his memory, Muichiro and you will Tanjiro became buddies, that have Muichiro showing hefty bias to your Tanjiro after they taught along with her inside the Hashira training session. Just after reading regarding Muichiro’s passing as a result of Kokushibo, Tanjiro lost rips across the loss of his pal and you can vowed so you’re able to themselves however remain attacking difficult.


Tanjiro fits Taayo enjoys helped your understand a lot more about Muzan and even indicates a way to turn Nezuko to your an individual. During the Tanjiro’s trip, Tamayo discusses and you can aims hard to create drugs so you’re able to make demons person again. Tanjiro including reveals respect so you’re able to Tamayo and you may accumulates the 12 Kizuki’s bloodstream in order to automate this lady advances.


Tanjiro matches Yushiro in the first purpose into the Asakusa Arch, and it looks like Yushiro does not such as Tanjiro while the the guy cannot in that way another person try squeeze on the their lives that have Tamayo. Not surprisingly, during Infinity Palace, Yushiro continues support and you may wants to own Tanjiro to keep real time. Whenever this new battle’s more than, Yushiro visits Tanjiro and praises him.

Gyomei Himejima

In the very first Hashira Appointment, Gyomei judges you to Tanjiro need to be slain as he try a good Demon Slayer take a trip alongside a demon. Afterwards, in the Hashira Knowledge Arc, Tanjiro shows Gyomei their dedication, integrity, and hard work, which leads to your becoming recognized by Brick Hashira.

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